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What we do

We are an independent media agency based in the historic City of Rochester, in Kent, UK. Our team is grown from a diverse and talented pool of graduates, professionals, artists, and technicians with a thirst for teaming innovative marketing strategy with good wholesome design.

Specialising in Web design, promotion and branding, we have a palette of skills available to our clients in order to realise any project they may need; from the early stages of establishing a small business, to large scale marketing campaigns. Here's a little look at what we can do for you.

– Branding & design

From logos and flyers to social media profiles, we understand the importance of detail in representing you properly. We believe in ironing out every kink from day one. With a contact book of wonderful artists and designers, we'll find the look that's perfect for you and your business.


Our forte lies in responsive, tablet & mobile friendly web design, and management. With 24/7 support and precise design, we've spent half a decade perfecting our web-work with some really talented folks! We'll work with you and your business to keep your site updated regularly.

– social/low-fi media campaigns

We believe that good design isn't all it takes to promote your business; statistics and data are the key to success. We want to understand your customer before advising where to start. All of our campaigns, both print and digital are based on more than just pretty pictures.

– print media

Sometimes the old school way is still best! We have a wealth of experience in designing beautiful print media, from books and flyers to stationary and business cards. Let us put the soul of your business right into your customer's hands, through products they'll simply adore!


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Our partners

For the past five years, our team has been involved with local marketing campaigns, small business development, and charity work. In a consulting capacity, we have worked to develop both long-established brands, and helped conceive some new and inspiring campaigns, whilst working closely with local stakeholders and council authorities.

Despite the bulk of our work being closely linked to Rochester and the Medway towns, our portfolio of clients and partners extends much further. From branding a record label in Stockholm, to an Eastern European defence consultancy, our expertise is diverse and adaptable to many different industries.

Our team stems from fashion PR executives and luxury-goods merchandisers, to designers, artists and talented coders. Each brining their own understanding of the unique tiers of business, to the table, helping us to make informed suggestions as to how to engage with clients’ customers and showcase their products / services in the best way possible.


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